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uPVC Windows And Doors – Myth busters

uPVC Windows and Doors Exterior Plas Essex

With the widespread popularity of uPVC windows and doors these days, there are also many myths doing the rounds alongside. Let’s have a look at some of the myths and try to find out the truth for those who still have doubts about the benefits of uPVC doors and windows. uPVC windows and doors require […]

Top Reasons To Use Commercial Window Installers In Essex

Commercial Window Installers in Essex Exterior Plas

Commercial window installers indeed play an essential role in offering you windows impressive to look at and well maintained. When it is about working on your windows, there are two simple options to go for. You can either go for reasonably cheap DIY options by only replacing the weather stripping or reinstalling the window films. […]

Modern Building Design With Aluminium Doors And Windows

Aluminium Doors And Windows Essex Exterior Plas

Modern Aluminium Doors And Windows design effortlessly blends high precision engineering that delivers unmatched function and performance with sleek, contemporary architecture that is pleasing to the eye. Better design innovation, greater flexibility and simplified fabrication have eliminated several drawbacks faced by traditional architectural design. Thanks to the advances in world-class technology, today building a new […]

Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Bi fold Doors

Bi Fold Doors Essex Exterior Plas

Bi fold doors have been increasingly popular here in the UK. And it’s not just because of the increased number of single-storey glass extensions and conservatories – although this is undoubtedly a factor.  “Bi fold doors create a seamless visual and physical link to the outdoors: in the summer months, you’ll even be able to […]

5 Reasons You Need New Aluminium Windows And Doors

Aluminium Windows And Doors Essex Exterior Plas

Are you considering your options for the right material for your doors and windows? Allow us to make the case for aluminium windows and doors. Aluminium is also known as the “Green Metal” because 100% of the metal can be recycled, which ends up saving 95% of the energy required to produce aluminium from raw […]

Why Choose Chamfered Edge uPVC Installations

Chamfered Edge uPVC Installations Exterior Plas

Chamfered Edge uPVC Installations Now you have finally decided it’s time to replace those old windows; at last, it’s time to look at the options out there.  And there are many. So many, in fact, that it is worth reading around the subject for a bit before making any particular options. You’ll have to choose […]

What Front Door Should I Buy?

Composite doors Essex what front door should i buy

Choosing a new front door for your property can feel a little daunting with all the options now available. You want to ensure it provides the right security for your family, suits the age and style of your home whilst also being able to withstand the elements, lasting and continuing to look good for many, […]

Stunning Skylights Transform Homes

Roof Skylights Theyford internal

It’s well known that natural sunlight coming into your home makes it feel safer, more comfortable and makes a room feel brighter, lighter and gives the illusion of more space. Our team of window installers love to fit stunning skylights into homes as they instantly transform a space with natural light from above. As well […]

Windows And Doors Letting Out Heat?

timber house door specialists London Essex

We’ve been experiencing the cold weather for a few months now, with some really cold spells at some point – the end is in sight though as you may have noticed the daffodils have started to appear so the warmer weather can’t be too far away! Has the cold weather made you notice where your […]

New Windows & Doors To Improve Your View

commercial timber windows improve EPC rating

The start of new year is always the time people start to look at things they would like to change about their lives and their homes. Have you thought that perhaps it’s time to improve your view? If so, why not consider updating your home with new windows and doors? At Exterior Plas, we are […]

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