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5 Care And Maintenance Tips For Wooden Windows And Doors

Wooden windows and doors are a stunning addition to your home, bringing warmth, character, and a touch of natural appeal. However, to keep them looking good and functioning properly, they often require care and maintenance. When you avoid these simple duties, this can result in issues such as warping, cracking, and early degradation, which in the long run become an expensive expenditure to fix or replace. Timber windows and doors are not something that you can change often, so in this blog, we will walk you through some basic tips for care and maintenance that you can do easily.

How Do I Care For And Maintain Wooden Doors And Windows?

Regular maintenance can keep the wooden doors and windows in good condition. In this section, we will help you delve into the world of care and maintenance that a wooden door and window require.

  • Proper cleaning and dusting: Cleaning and dusting on a regular basis is essential for maintaining the appearance and functioning of the wooden doors and windows. Dust and dirt accumulate over time, leading to scratches, discoloration, and sometimes structural damage. If left unchecked for a long time, it can be expensive to replace the entire setting with a new one.
  • Regular inspections and repairs: Periodic inspections are vital for identifying potential issues before they become a major problem in the future. Look for symptoms of wear and tear, such as warping, loose hardware, or cracks, and treat them right away. In order to guarantee smooth functioning and avoid future damage, adjust or replace any loose hinges or handles.
  • Environmental protections: Over time, wooden doors and windows may wear down due to direct sunshine, dampness, rain, or severe temperature fluctuations. In order to prevent moisture and sunlight, use tinting films and weatherstripping, which can prevent further damage. Furthermore, maintaining optimal ventilation and humidity levels in your home can help to avoid excessive moisture buildup.
  • Refinishing process: With the passing of time, the paint finish on your wooden windows and doors may fade, chip, or become dull, requiring refinishing or repainting to restore their original beauty. Before you plan to start the refinishing process, carefully clean the surface and remove the existing dirt and chips.
  • Clean the metal parts: While the wooden components of your windows and doors require special attention, it is also vital to prevent the parts from getting rusty and causing premature damage. To avoid this condition, make sure to thoroughly dry all the metal parts and apply lubricants for smooth operations.

Why Do You Need Professional Assistance?

While there are several homeowners who take this as a DIY project, we, as experts, understand that you may miss some vital steps while doing it. At Exterior Plas, we commit to working closely with you and making you understand all the specific needs regarding maintenance. Our special team of experts will work closely to walk you through the nooks and cranny of the wooden doors and windows and how to sustain them for a long period of time. Professionals have the adequate knowledge and tools to accurately identify the issue regarding chips or fading.

Visit our website for more relevant information and contact our professionals if you have any queries regarding wooden doors and windows.


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