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Heritage Windows in Essex

Heritage Windows Manufacture & Installation

A Reputable Heritage Windows Manufacturer and Installer in Essex

Experience the classic style of heritage windows combined with modern-day performance by choosing Exterior Plas. Operating as a heritage window manufacturer and installation expert in Essex for over 30 years, we bring forth the benefits of replacing rattly and draughty windows with fresh and insulative ones. Explore a variety of colour choices and textured finishes by showing your preference for us over others.

Do you love the traditional look of your existing windows? Fret not; we will retain the visual charm but ensure contemporary benefits, including double glazing, energy efficiency, draught-proofing, lower sound transference, and improved property value.

What are heritage windows?

Heritage windows are windows that have been designed to replace the original windows in a listed building. The reasons why owners of listed properties may wish to replace their traditional sliding sash windows include deterioration, to improve safety, or to create a more energy-efficient window system.

Heritage windows are a modern day solution to an old fashioned style of window. Due to the listed nature of listed buildings (which means there are controls in place over alterations that can be made to the property) the windows are designed to offer a like-for-like swap.

In the majority of listed properties, the windows that need replacing are sliding sash windows, usually with wooden frames and a single pane of glass, which can be energy sapping and have health and safety risks. Heritage windows retain the traditional look but with modern day benefits such as double glazing and energy-efficient draught proofing.

Heritage Window Systems

Capturing the look of a traditional timber sliding sash window, combined with modern technology, our range of made to measure uPVC sliding sash windows are designed to suit the original aesthetic of your property. From the full replacement of timber sashes to the replicating of traditional feature windows, our uPVC sliding sash windows will help to retain your home’s original character and charm in even the most sensitive of conservation areas.

Book a Heritage Window Installation with us!

Looking to upgrade your windows to a heritage style while preserving the rich history of your property? At Exterior Plas, we are not just fabricators but heritage window installation experts in  Essex. Step into tradition without hampering the architectural elements of your building with us. When working on projects, we pay meticulous attention to details to preserve the overall historic essence of the building.

Our specialised knowledge of construction methods and adherence to preservation standards make us a true professional in the fenestration industry. Schedule an installation with us, or visit our showroom to discuss your project. We will be happy to assist you.

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