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Secondary Glazing

Manufacture & Installation

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing is the process of adding an additional internal (or secondary) window to the room-facing side of an existing window. The supplementary layer of glazing sits within its own frame and is sealed around the edging. It is often a temporary measure but can be secured as a permanent fixture. Secondary glazing is a discreet method of adding extra insulation to your home as it helps to prevent warm air escaping and cold air from entering.

The additional layer provided by secondary glazing can also help to soundproof your home by reducing the amount of external noise seeping into your rooms. It is a relatively cost efficient glazing solution in comparison to traditional double glazing (or triple glazing) as it does not involve the removal and replacement of your current window system which can be costly and time consuming, and the energy efficient benefits can lead to significant savings to your heating bills.

Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is suitable for most buildings, be it old or new, as it is a subtle addition in keeping with the current window system. It uses a lightweight discreet aluminium system that is fitted in the internal window reveals or face fixed. Updating your windows in this way is a cost effective way to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved energy performance due to improved heat retention from the second layer of glass
  • Toughened safety glass as standard for additional safety and security
  • Approved by the Heritage society for period properties and conservation areas
  • Versatile enough to maintain the charm of a property
  • Acoustic improvement in reducing noise pollution

Cost effective

Secondary glazing is often a preferred choice for listed buildings with planning permission rules within conservation areas as the original windows can remain in place. As it is fitted to the room-facing side of the window frame, it does not change the original aesthetic of the exterior of your property, plus it adds an extra layer of protection for your original windows.

Also, as it can be a temporary fixture, it is a suitable choice for rented properties where there may be restrictions in place with regards permanent changes to the property.

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