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An Intro to Acoustic Glazed Doors in London and Essex: Benefits, Options and Cost

No one likes the disturbance caused by the sound of traffic or people talking outside the doors flooding into the room in the middle of the day, or in the dead of the night when you are trying to sleep peacefully. Exterior Plas has got for you a wide range of acoustic glazed doors in London & Essex that can reduce the noise and create the calm atmosphere that we all need.

What is an Acoustic Glazed Door?

In the simplest of words, these are doors that are soundproof. These specialised glasses are used in doors and windows and are commonly referred to as acoustic glass, soundproof glass, or noise reduction glass. They play an important role in reducing the amount of noise that is transmitted from outside into the room through the glass door. A laminated glass pane is part of the double-glazed unit known as acoustic glass. The lamination helps in obstructing sound waves and reducing sound intensity.


Acoustic glazed doors are perfect for studios!

Any creative activity requires a calm, serene, and quiet environment. Artists, musicians, and content producers need to make sure that their surroundings don’t affect their work. Acoustic doors can provide that advantage by significantly lowering noise in and around the studio.

The doors are soundproof enough!

There are two main purposes of soundproofing:

  • To contain sounds without disturbing adjacent rooms or spaces
  • To shield the area you’re working in from outside interference that could disrupt you.

There are different levels of soundproofing!

You must first determine the precise level of soundproofing you need, as different acoustic doors have varying levels of noise reduction. The soundproofing of the low-to-medium performance acoustic doors is up to about 34 dB. The high-performance doors, on the other hand, provide up to 44 decibels.

Glazing has quite a few magical effects of its own!

Most sound recording acoustic doors feature some glazing; the carefully made glazed panel will facilitate communication between the engineer, producer, and artist. At the same time, it also reduces and manages noise levels in the room.

The aesthetics of acoustic glazed doors are simply mesmerising!

The visual appeal of acoustic doors should be taken into account, albeit it may not be the most important feature in a space. The most beautiful materials can be used to create and polish acoustic doors, adding elegance to any setting.


There are quite a few options available for acoustic glazed doors on the market.

  • Frameless glass doors are available for a sleek, modern look like no other.
  • Framed doors can make a place look neat and tidy.
  • Frameless sliding doors can add a sense of sophistication and ease.
  • Medium-quality acoustic doors can block moderate noise.
  • High-quality acoustic doors can block most of the noise from the outside.


Depending on the quality of the glass and the finish, acoustic glazed doors can cost you from £1000 to £1500.

Make your room a peaceful haven with Exterior Plas

We all deserve a peaceful sleep at night or simply some calm on a summer afternoon and these doors are the perfect solution. Contact us today for all your enquiries about acoustic glazed doors in London and Essex or if you wish to get a quote.


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