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uPVC Windows And Doors – Myth busters

With the widespread popularity of uPVC windows and doors these days, there are also many myths doing the rounds alongside. Let’s have a look at some of the myths and try to find out the truth for those who still have doubts about the benefits of uPVC doors and windows.

uPVC windows and doors require regular maintenance.

Reality: They do not require varnishing and repainting like their wooden counterparts and stay as new for years. Besides, they are low maintenance and can be cleaned by simply washing them.

They are expensive compared to wooden and aluminium doors and windows.

Reality: They might seem expensive initially due to high-end fittings, but since uPVC has longer lifespan than wooden/aluminium doors and windows, they tend to be cheaper and cost effective in the long run.

They fade or discolour very easily and soon.

Reality: uPVC doors and windows are manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions; hence, they do not fade away or turn yellow and can last for 30‑40 years.

They are not environment friendly.

Reality: On the contrary, uPVC can be recycled multiple times, making them easily usable for a long time. Old products can be safely recycled into good quality new door and windows.

They are not fire safe and are flammable.

Reality: Various studies have confirmed that compared to other building materials, uPVC gives enough time to vacate a building before the release of harmful gases on its burning. It is actually a fire retardant and therefore a safe material for use in doors and windows.

They are not as appealing look wise.

Reality: They are available in a varied range of colors, styles and finishes to perfectly suit the décor of your home or office and make it look modern and stylish.

White uPVC windows and doors turn yellow with time.

Reality: Since uPVC is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, i.e., heat and cold, they DO NOT turn yellow with time and remain new for years.

uPVC doors and windows require entire frames to be replaced even for small repairs.

Reality: In fact, they are quite low maintenance and easy to repair. Opening sashes, glass, gaskets and hardware, almost everything can be repaired without removing/replacing the outer frame.

UV rays degrade uPVC and emit toxic gases.

Reality: Almost all uPVC installations are specially formulated to withstand UV radiation and DO NOT emit any toxic gases during their lifetime. They are perfectly safe to use.

They are not sturdy.

Reality: uPVC is manufactured to be sturdy and durable. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and can last for as long as 30 plus years.

uPVC causes condensation in homes.

Reality: It’s not the use of uPVC but the lack of circulation of air that causes condensation. Since uPVC doors and windows are designed to seal your house to provide insulation properties, it is advised to allow some air flow to avoid condensation.

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