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Are Composite Front Doors a Better Alternative to Wooden Doors for Period Properties?

Composite doors have become highly popular in the British fenestration market as a plausible choice for multi-lock front doors. The main draw of composite doors is their thermal efficiency and the fact that they are less of a cause of deforestation. Thanks to features like the GRP woodgrain skin, these materials can create the kerb appeal of real wooden doors with comparatively higher efficiency than timber. Does that make it a better choice for period properties? Let’s have a look.

As a leading composite door manufacturer in London, we at Exterior Plas have installed hundreds of composite doors for period properties. At the end of the day, it is all about personal preference, which is why you need to know what composite doors are and exactly what difference they make compared to traditional timber doors.

Understanding Composite Doors and How It Work for Period Properties Compared to Timber

Earlier, composite doors would be frowned upon for being a rather flimsy imitation of timber doors that largely deterred the authentic cultural heritage of the property. Nowadays, however, it has become a primary choice for front doors since it makes more sense for several factors like cost, convenience, durability, and ease of maintenance. Several Edwardian and Victorian properties across Essex have them. We installed many of them.

FactorsComposite DoorsWooden Doors
ManufactureMade from a composition of materials including UPVC, scrap timber and fibreglass.Made from a solid piece of wood.
StrengthComposite doors are usually stronger than cedar and alder. However, due to insect and termite-repellent characteristics, they are more resilient and durable.Pine, beech and mahogany doors can be stronger than composite wood.
AuthenticityComposite doors are always indistinguishable from solid wood doors but don’t have the authenticity of real wood.Solid wood doors are traditional, hence more authentic.
Environmental ImpactMore eco-friendly since it doesn’t cause deforestation, and uses recycled materials. Exterior Plas also ensures eco-friendly production.It depends on sourcing practices, often sourced by unsustainable and even illegal logging. The logging of trees also causes the loss of biodiversity.
Energy EfficiencyGreater energy efficiency with U-value ranging from 0.98 to 1.4 W/m2k.Lower energy efficiency with U-value ranging from 1.6 to 3 W/m2k.
CustomisationCustomisable in terms of panel configuration, colours, locking mechanisms, and moulding. Not suitable for carving.It is more popular for its classic, natural aesthetics, but is customisable in terms of size, polish moulding and intricate carving designs.
Safety & SecurityComposite doors are specially designed for higher security, with a solid core allowing multiple locking systems and being less susceptible to warping and splitting.Depending on the type of wood, softwood doors are more susceptible to warping, getting termites or splitting, making them less secure. Solid Hardwood doors offer greater security.
DurabilityBeing resistant to rotting, splitting, termites, etc. these are inherently more durable with low maintenance, lasting up to 25 – 30 years.While high-quality hardwood doors could be very durable, lasting from 25 to 60 years or more, they require a great deal of attention, sanding, refinishing, pest control and much more.
CostCost-effective and less expensive than timber doors.They are highly expensive and require periodic maintenance such as buffing, sanding, polishing and termite treatment.
Composite doors vs wooden doors

The Deciding Factor Between Composite Doors and Timber Doors—What is The Best Choice for Period Properties?

While timber doors hold onto their authenticity factor and add a rich and luxurious kerb appeal for period properties, they are highly expensive and require strenuous maintenance. Composite doors offer a more practical solution.

Whether it is an Edwardian property or a Victorian Villa, what’s more important is restoration, and the front door is not the only feature of tradition or heritage. Speaking of restoration, it is equally important to conserve the trees in the forest.

For all these reasons, composite doors make more sense because they are more practical, low maintenance and affordable, offering a higher level of security and durability.

Explore the Period Collection of High-Quality Pre-Designed Composite Front Doors by Exterior Plas

We at Exterior Plas bring you our vast collection of front door designs for period properties. Composite doors are a modern marvel. They are not authentic wooden doors, and they don’t have to be. This option has utility for itself, offering greater value for money with hard-wearing, high-quality designs.

Explore our pre-designed doors or ask for customisations based on your needs and preferences. We offer bespoke designing, manufacturing and installation services for composite doors for period properties in Essex, for residential and commercial properties. Each door comes with our environmental statement, demonstrating our responsibility towards society and the planet.

So take the next step—discover the Exterior Plas experience and discuss your project with us to get a free quote instantly! Download our brochure or visit our showroom at Weald Hall Ln., Thornwood.


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