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Winter Ready Windows

December’s been a cold one so far and, as you may be aware, December to February often bring us the coldest of days throughout the year. Ensuring your home is warm and welcoming throughout these months is vital, but that isn’t just a case of turning up the heating. Your home could be significantly warmer if you update your windows – so get your windows winter ready!
Outdated windows can cause a lot of heat loss in your home, especially those which have single glazing as they are at the greatest risk of heat loss. Single glazed windows are not as energy efficient as their double glazed and triple glazed counterparts and they also provide less sound insulation too.
The team at Exterior Plas offer an option of secondary glazing – this is where a supplementary layer of glazing sits within its own frame and is sealed around the edging. This is often a temporary measure, but can be made permanent. Choosing the secondary glazing option is a relatively cost effective alternative to replacing your windows.
At Exterior Plas we offer window solutions to suit different styles and budgets. Contact the team today to see what winter ready windows may be best for you.


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