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Windows And Doors Letting Out Heat?

We’ve been experiencing the cold weather for a few months now, with some really cold spells at some point – the end is in sight though as you may have noticed the daffodils have started to appear so the warmer weather can’t be too far away! Has the cold weather made you notice where your home may be losing heat? Many people don’t realise that their older windows and doors letting out heat, costing them money!

Whilst windows might not be at the top of every list for home renovations, with the current rising cost of energy bills, new windows could save you money in the long run. Most heat loss in homes comes from windows and doors that are no longer fit for purpose. Our uPVC windows, for example, are extremely energy-efficient, ensuring the heat stays in your home and are a great option to help your home stay as warm as possible during the cold weather. If your doors are older, they may no longer be properly sealed to stop the heat escaping – if they ever were properly sealed in the first place. A new door – whether it be a uPVC door, composite door or timber door – from Exterior Plas will be perfectly sealed, ensuring you lose no heat.

With energy prices increasing and no sign that they will be reducing any time soon, plan ahead to next winter and improve your windows and doors! Contact us today to find out more about your options.


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