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Reactive Maintenance

External & Internal Maintenance

Highly Experienced Specialists

Our reactive window and door maintenance department was established in 2007 and was a natural progression from manufacturing and installing, which we started in 1988.  

Our team is committed, experienced and knowledgeable, which facilitates a quick and efficient repair on any window, door or glazing issue you may have.

Our growing team of engineers are highly skilled in all window and door systems, allowing us to achieve an over-all first-time fix rate of over 70%.

Reactive Maintenance Programs

We are currently engaged on multiple window and door reactive repair frameworks within London and the Southeast. These range from ad hoc or void contracts with varying work quotas up to large scale frameworks for an entire borough or housing association.

Our AGS software system allows the team to allocate, track and report back to the client in real time with repair updates and picture evidence. Our software allows the repairs administration team to react quickly, so we can allocate an engineer to ensure issues are rectified quickly.

We are able to manage the bookings and provide reports and updates for clients, as well as take on pre-booked appointments made by our clients. Our service is completely flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Cyclical Maintenance

Following large scale installation programmes, it has been proven that the best way to ensure the lifespan of windows and doors is through a cyclical maintenance programme. This would involve carrying out yearly checks on all windows and doors, along with minor adjustments such as toe and heeling, adjusting, aligning and lubricating. This door and window maintenance structure allows minor issues to be dealt with before they become unrepairable and require replacement. With uPVC windows it can help prolong the lifespan by up to 20 years, reducing the need for ad hoc replacement and sporadic call outs and allowing clients to forecast their budgets with more accuracy.

Private Maintenance Or Repairs

We also deal directly with private customers, so if you an issue with a window, door or glazing in your home, please call us to book an appointment. Draughty windows raise energy bills and can quite often be easily repaired.

Misted or blown double glazed units occur when the seal breaks down and allows condensation inside, this affects performance and is very unsightly. Fortunately, double glazed units are quick and easy to replace. There are also options to ‘upgrade’ your existing glass, options include reduce outside noise, decrease direct sunlight or even self-clean.

When parts become difficult to operate, that’s the time to call us so we can resolve the issue before parts get damaged beyond repair.

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