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Five Window Facts You Never Knew

Here at Exterior Plas we like to think about ourselves as the window and door experts! With that title comes a lot of knowledge about both, that many people don’t know. We’re here to share a little bit of our wisdom with Five Window Facts you might not know…

1️⃣ – The first windows were created by the Romans, with transparent glass they had originally used so they could see their wine in it’s bottle.
2️⃣ – Scotland was the first country to develop a variation of double glazed windows in the 1870’s, helping poorly insulated homes from losing too much heat in the winter.
3️⃣ – Replacing your home’s windows can add upwards of 10% to the value of the house, depending on the materials and designs you choose.
4️⃣ – The average UK house will likely have somewhere between 8 – 15 windows, adjusting to the size of the home and which direction the house faces.
5️⃣ – It is estimated that skylights allow about 30% more light into your home than vertical windows of the same size.
Did you know any of our five window facts?

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